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How this special district helped create Colorado

on April 15, 2022 By | Chris Ryan | 0 Comments |
Special districts are carved into the foundation of Colorado. As early settlers moved west, they found themselves well beyond the reach of the government back east, and needed a way to organize themselves. John Gregory formed the first special district out west to help provide services to the ever-growing settlements that popped up around the gold mines. Just like the districts of today, independent-minded people got together to create an organization that was responsive to their local needs. And this is the intriguing story of how the first special district, and the state of Colorado, came to be.
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Streamline’s Commitment to Compliance

Streamline has always stood for holding ourselves and our community accountable to good governance and transparency to the public. We don’t just help you build a website. We provide much-needed guidance on the laws and regulations that affect how you should (and in some cases, must!) communicate with your community and stakeholders online.
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Special districts pre-date the formation of the United States

on February 3, 2022 By | Chris Ryan | 0 Comments |
Special districts are fundamentally and uniquely American.
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And the winners are...

on July 2, 2021 By | Chris Ryan | 0 Comments |
Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our "back on track" edition of Streamline Live! earlier this week. We had such a blast seeing all your smiling faces again, sharing some of the new and exciting updates over the last year at Streamline, and getting your feedback as to what we should prioritize in the year ahead.
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California special districts deserve COVID-19 relief funding

on April 28, 2021 By | Chris Ryan | 0 Comments | California compliance Special district love
We believe California special districts deserve COVID-19 relief funds. So we’re partnering with CSDA and a growing coalition of communities and local leaders to urge the State of California to extend Coronavirus relief funding to special districts.
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Engaging Special District Newsletters

on February 9, 2021 By | Chris Ryan | 0 Comments |
Special districts thrive when connected to the communities they serve, which can be done with something as simple as a newsletter. Our team is inspired by the newsletters we're seeing from our districts, and we wanted to share three examples!
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Inspiring Special District Websites

on January 28, 2021 By | Chris Ryan | 0 Comments |
Sharing best practices is important for the Special District community. Which is why the Streamline team is excited to highlight a few outstanding websites districts have created. We hope you find some inspiration and even brush up on a few best practices.
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Tech Tips (for the not-so-tech-savvy)

on May 28, 2020 By | Chris Ryan | 0 Comments | Streamline in action
Learning technology can be such a long and dedicated process that it’s easy to assume everyone has the same knowledge you do. Things that a lot of techy folks think are basic might in fact be known by only a lucky few. From things like shortcuts that make browsing the internet easier, to how to select and manipulate large amounts of files at once, to “hidden” computing features like copy/paste. These tricks and tips aren’t obvious, but are really helpful for technology users to know.
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