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How do I update my billing information?
Want to sign up for autopay, change your billing contact, or have other invoice-related questions? Send an email to or give us a call at (916) 900 - 6619!
How do I get started?
If you’re brand new to Streamline, head to the Getting Started page in our Knowledge Base to complete our 60-minute 'Getting Started' training: Click here
How do I access my website? 
Submit a support ticket and our Success team will be happy to help!
How do I post my agenda?
This is a fundamental function of any Streamline site, so check out our Knowledge Base tutorial on managing your agendas and meetings here: Click here
How do I add another team member to our Streamline website?
  • If you have access to the site yourself, you can log in and navigate to the Users tab to add more users – here’s a tutorial for more information: Click Here
  • Don’t have access to your site? Submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to help! 
Is there more training available? 
Yes! In addition to the Getting Started training, you can watch our Advanced Topics training (click here) or attend one of our Monthly Masterclass webinars (click here) to register and watch past Masterclass sessions!

You can also schedule 1:1 time with our Success team here: Schedule Office Hours
I’m looking for inspiration for designing my site, where can I look?
You’ll love our shiny Site Gallery where you’ll find some of our best-designed sites organized by district type! If you see something that inspires you and aren’t sure how to implement, our Success team is here to help - just schedule some time with us during office hours: Schedule Office Hours

Looking for more support? Visit the Streamline Knowledgebase 


Other questions and inquiries? Email