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Streamline’s Commitment to Compliance

Posted by Chris Ryan | April 6, 2022

Streamline has always stood for holding ourselves and our community accountable to good governance and transparency to the public. We don’t just help you build a website. We provide much-needed guidance on the laws and regulations that affect how you should (and in some cases, must!) communicate with your community and stakeholders online.


However, districts are seeing more regulatory changes than ever. In the last year, we have seen as many new laws introduced that affect special districts as there have been in the past decade. Because of that, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to compliance in this new, accelerated legislative environment.


As you might know, we have rolled out past compliance and accessibility updates in a one-off fashion; as we heard about new items and could find time to prioritize them into our product roadmap, we did. As we continue to grow our community of districts into more states, we now aim to be proactive and deliberate in this process so that you can plan any needed updates to your site content accordingly. 


Here are some important changes to how we’ll be working together on keeping you compliant moving forward:

  • State & National Partnerships: Streamline is now working on a regular basis with all state associations, as well as the National Special Districts Coalition, to review existing requirements & proactively monitor new legislation across the country
  • Regular Updates: Streamline will introduce a new, regular release process for legislative updates. Once a year, you’ll see revisions to the compliance dashboard for your state. When you log in, you’ll know that you’re reviewing and completing the latest requirements!
  • Master List of Laws: We are maintaining a list of relevant laws that affect how special districts communicate online, and how Streamline is supporting compliance: 


We invite everyone in our community to review this list and send us any other laws or regulations you want us to consider – just email us at and we’ll escalate this to our legislative affairs team!


This new shift in approach has already begun to influence our product design and development process. In coordination with Jennifer Quisenberry at the Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO), we developed a feature to help Oregon districts comply with their state’s new HB 2560 legislation that requires expanded access to online meetings – and it’s something we think every district will benefit from! 


Coming soon, all users will be able to create Meetings with a field specifically for online meeting invitations hosted with tools like Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and more:


remote mtg addition img (blog)


It’s easy – and tempting – to go fast alone, but only by slowing down and being more deliberate, can we go together. With this new release process, we’ll continue to provide website tools that are not only powerful and easy-to-use, but also completely tailored to your state and federal requirements. If you have feedback, or if you hear of a law that’s not on the list, please share with us at – we’ll introduce any new legislation to our association partners and work with them to implement a solution that works for everyone. 


Thank you for everything you do! 

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