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Tech Tips (for the not-so-tech-savvy)

Posted by Chris Ryan | May 28, 2020

Learning technology can be such a long and dedicated process that it’s easy to assume everyone has the same knowledge you do. Things that a lot of techy folks think are basic might in fact be known by only a lucky few. From things like shortcuts that make browsing the internet easier, to how to select and manipulate large amounts of files at once, to “hidden” computing features like copy/paste. These tricks and tips aren’t obvious, but are really helpful for technology users to know.

At Streamline, we think this knowledge should be shared with everyone. So to kick off our Weekly Workshop series, we decided to focus on Tech Tips (for the not-so-tech-savvy). This weekly series will run each Wednesday at 10am Pacific, free for all Streamline customers!

During the Workshop, users learned about the finer points of left and right clicking, how to copy/paste, useful keyboard shortcuts, how to search the internet like a pro, and more. However, we focused on the most important tech tips of all, which will serve you no matter what technology you’re learning at any point in your life:

  1. Be curious - Explore your technology and become familiar with what is possible
  2. Learn how to learn - Processes uses to solve problems are more important than the solutions themselves
  3. Don’t panic! - Your state of mind and your attitude will determine the quality of what you learn, and how quickly you can overcome obstacles.

Download a copy of the presentation materials, which include links to some excellent resources that go beyond what we could cover in our 30 minutes.

You can also watch a recorded version of the Workshop below:


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