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About Us

Hi, we're Streamline! We create software specifically for special districts

Our mission is a simple one - make the lives of special districts easier. 

Between state mandates, budget limitations, and small (or non-existent) staff, providing your services within these constraints can be hard. Which is why we created the Streamline platform - website, email, intranet, and online payment tools dedicated to special districts.

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The Story of Streamline

It all started with websites. We wanted to create an easy-to-use website to help districts stay connected with the public while remaining compliant with state and federal requirements. So we made Streamline Web - an intuitive website platform with built-in tools to ensure accessibility and transparency compliance.

As districts began using Web, we noticed a pattern. Many wanted the ability to send professional-looking emails to their community directly from their website. So we made Streamline Engage - a one-click professional email tool with analytics and unlimited sends.

When the pandemic hit and many began working from home, districts needed a solution to manage internal operations. So we created Streamline Portal - a private, easy, and secure intranet software with unlimited file storage. Most recently, we asked our districts what they needed most and they said “payments.” What they really meant was things like allowing customers to pay bills online; collecting service, inspection, or permit fees from their website; selling merchandise, classes, and rental services. So, you guessed it, we made Streamline Payments - a tool that allows districts to accept payments, sell products, and receive donations directly through their website. 

Our commitment to the special district community

We've worked and volunteered in special districts, and have been involved in local government at the county level. What we learned is, districts want back-office operations to be simple and self-service. A single staff member should be able to manage payments, update the website, and send the newsletter, often all in the same day. Without special training. Without having to hire a specialist.

So don’t worry, Streamline has your back! We are always creating new products based on your feedback, and improving current products to best fit your needs. We really are here to make districts’ lives easier. And we’d love to help your district, too!

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