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Choose the best plan for your district

Plans built specifically for your district's goals. Pricing set by Annual Operating Revenue. So everyone can have nice things ❤️

⚖️ Compliance Basics

Perfect for districts who want to look professional and meet ADA + Legislative requirements.

💪 What's Included:

☁️ Hosting/content management

⚖️ Compliance checklist

♿️ ADA Accessibility assistant

🗓️ Meetings assistant

📱One-click social sharing

📞 Training + support

🛡 $10,000 ADA Indemnificaton

📣 Community Pro

Perfect for districts who are active in their community (Email, Social, Events, Fundraisers, etc.).

🤓 Everything in Compliance Basics plus: 

🪄Amplify™Design Builder

📧 One-click email marketing

💰 Payments / Commerce Tools

✍️ E-Signature Forms

⚙️ Embedded Integration Support

🛡 $25,000 ADA Indemnificaton

🚀 Operations Pro

Perfect for districts who want to streamline their operations and internal communications.

😮 Everything in Compliance Basics and Community Pro plus:

🧑‍💻 Secure Intranet Portal

📊 Annual Board Reports

🎨 Annual Design Reviews

📍 Premium Designer Sections

🛡 $50,000 ADA Indemnificaton

✅ Compare our plans

Website & Content Management ⚖️ Compliance Basics 📣 Community Pro 🚀 Operations Pro
🔒 Secure Cloud Infastructure
📱 Mobile-First, Responsive Design
👨‍💻 Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage
🖥️ Create Once, Display Everywhere - Content Management
💬 Webforms & Submission Worflows
✍️ Electronic Signatures
🪄 Amplify Design Builder
🎨 Premium Designer Sections & Layouts
🤵‍♀️ Domain Concierge
🎯 Annual Design Reviews
📈 Board Reports
🗄️ Dedicated Intranet portal
Accessibility ⚖️ Compliance Basics 📣 Community Pro 🚀 Operations Pro
💪 ADA Accessibility Assistant
🔦 Automatic PDF Accessibility Scanning
🔐 Integrated PDF Archiving
✅ One-Click Professional PDF Remediation
🎥 Scanning for Videos & Closed Captions
🗺️ Scanning for 3rd Party Embedded Tools
⚖️ Professional Public Accessibility Policy
♿️ Support for Reported Accessibility Issues
🛡️ ADA Indemnification
Compliance ⚖️ Compliance Basics 📣 Community Pro 🚀 Operations Pro
📅 Meetings Assistant
⚖️ State-specific transparency dashboard with checkpoints for all posting requirements
Community Engagement ⚖️ Compliance Basics 📣 Community Pro 🚀 Operations Pro
📱One-click Social Sharing
📧 One-click Email Sharing
📊 Email Subscription & Campaign Management
E-Commerce ⚖️ Compliance Basics 📣 Community Pro 🚀 Operations Pro
💰 Built-in tools to sell products, collect payments, & receive donations online
Training & Support ⚖️ Compliance Basics 📣 Community Pro 🚀 Operations Pro
🙌 Unlimited Training & Support
▶️ Webinars
🤓 Knowledge Base Articles
⚙️ Embedded Integration Support
☎️ Dedicated Support Contact

What's Included With Every Subscription


  • Easy-to-use website tool allows you to control your content - no more waiting on a vendor or IT.
  • Built-in ADA compliance (the platform is fully accessible out of the “box”).
  • State-specific transparency dashboard with checkpoints for all posting requirements.
  • Meeting dashboard with agenda reminders, one-click agenda, and minute upload that takes seconds.
  • Ongoing improvements to existing features included at no cost - your software will never be out of date.

Setup + Training

  • Free domain included ( or connect your own custom domain/web address.
  • Free SSL security certificate so that your site is served over https and visitors are protected.
  • Training for anyone on your staff via remote meetings to help you learn the system.
  • Unlimited secure hosting, bandwidth, storage space, and archiving of content in compliance with public records request laws in all 50 states.

Ongoing Support

  • Unlimited support is included for anyone on your staff responsible for updating the website.
  • Support system is built into your website - get help with the click of a button.
  • Extensive knowledge base of how-to articles and getting-started guides are available 24/7.
  • Can’t figure out how to send your question? That’s ok, you’ll have our technical support number, too.
  • And if (when) your state passes additional website mandates, Streamline will be updated to help you comply as effortlessly as possible.
 Members of our partner agencies receive a discount; if you're a member of one of these agencies, please indicate so when you sign-up.