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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Opportunities and Risks for Districts

on February 5, 2024 By | Annelise Spargo | 0 Comments | Website best practices
Goldman Sachs has said that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will have 100x more of an impact than the personal computer in terms of productivity and GDP growth.
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Karey Hansen to Lead Customer Support at Streamline

on July 6, 2023 By | Annelise Spargo | 0 Comments |
Now Special Districts will have one of their own leading the customer support, onboarding, and education teams at Streamline. Effective July 1, Karey Hansen will be promoted to Head of Customer Support. She will carry the torch from Chris, who has stepped down from the position to spend more time with his family after four years at Streamline.
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Are .gov Domains Coming to Special Districts?

Many districts are not currently using a .gov domain, or they don't realize they can get one. However, we are starting to see more and more districts setting up their website with a .gov. Some states are even pushing for it, like AB 1637 in California, which could mandate the use of a .gov by districts. If history has shown us anything, it's that California often sets the tone for districts across the country. So if .gov domains become a requirement in California, other states could follow suit (note: a .gov domain is not currently required for districts in any state).
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Why Relying Solely on Facebook can be Problematic

on February 28, 2023 By | Annelise Spargo | 0 Comments | Marketing
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State of Special Districts: The Top 6 Insights From 2022

on December 15, 2022 By | Annelise Spargo | 0 Comments | Special district love
What did it mean to be a special district in 2022? Over the last year, we talked with thousands of district managers, board members, attorneys, associations, management companies, mayors, state senators, US senators, and legislators. Here are the top 6 most impactful things that stood out to us in 2022.
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State of Special Districts 2022: Outreach Score

on September 21, 2022 By | Annelise Spargo | 0 Comments |
As special districts, we know the importance of reaching out to our communities to share our expert information, and to ensure our behind-the-scenes work doesn't go unnoticed. Which is why we have launched the Special District Outreach Score!
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State of Special Districts 2022: Growth by State

on August 18, 2022 By | Annelise Spargo | 0 Comments | Special district love
While the number of Special Districts has increased since 2017, this story of growth has unfolded differently in each state. States like Colorado and Florida saw their district count grow by 17% and 13%, respectively. On the other hand, Iowa experienced a decrease in special districts of -13%. Overall, special districts are quite stable in the US with the vast majority of states growing or shrinking their count by 5% or less, and as we mentioned in our previous post, the US has experienced a healthy overall gain of 800 new districts since 2017. Map: District Growth by State (2017-2022)
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The State of Special Districts 2022

on July 14, 2022 By | Annelise Spargo | 0 Comments | Special district love
Special districts are the most common form of government in the United States, and their popularity continues to grow. Since 2017, the U.S. has added almost 800 new special districts, bringing the total number of independent districts to an all-time high of 39,262.
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Website accessibility for special districts: What is the risk, really?

By the end of 2023, more than 10% of districts were affected by a website ADA claim. This rapid increase is startling, and we want to help you stay informed and prepared for any risks facing special districts.
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How this district’s newsletter went from bust to boom

on June 9, 2022 By | Annelise Spargo | 0 Comments | Marketing
We’ve heard from a lot of districts that using email to better communicate with the community is a priority, but they just don’t know where to get started. How do you find email addresses and what do you include in the email?
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