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3 Districts Getting Community Engagement Right

Posted by Annelise Spargo | March 17, 2022

As a special district, how do you combat the often-heard sentiment, "They just don’t do that much..."?  While your district may not be directly competing with anyone, keeping your community informed ensures everyone knows the value you are providing.

There are many ways to engage your community, and the good news is, technology has made it so much easier! So we found a couple of districts that are getting community engagement right. Check them out below! 


Mt. View Sanitary District 


The Mt. View Monitor Quarterly Newsletter 

Mt. View Sanitary uses an online newsletter to quickly and easily keep their community updated about projects, volunteer opportunities, staff updates, and fun tips.

What we love

  • The newsletter arrives in residents' email inboxes reliably every quarter
  • Consistent look and feel for every issue 
  • Email newsletter that is also posted directly on their website with the option to subscribe to future newsletters

Check it out >


Looking for an easy way to send email campaigns directly from your website? We can help! 

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El Dorado County Fire Protection District 

Weekly email & social media updates 

As a fire protection district, the EDCFPD team is often visible in the community, working a call, educating community members, or training for a variety of scenarios. Using their website, email, and social media, EDCFPD ensures their community always knows what they are up to.


What we love

  • Updates are shared to all channels at least weekly. Consistency is key!
  • Incident follow-up emails and social media posts use stunning, real photos of their team
  • They make a point to share photos and a few words when participating in community events
  • Information from all channels can always be found in one easy place, their website's "News" page

Check it out >


San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District

The "Bite Back" awareness campaign 

The SGV Mosquito and Vector Control District recognizes that the community does not always understand the importance of mosquito and vector control. But their outreach goes beyond education and asks for the community's help in their abatement efforts.


What we love

  • Campaign designed to create awareness about mosquitos' potential dangers and activate the community in the fight against mosquitos, encouraging residents to "bite back." How clever!
  • A website page for community members to sign up as a "Bite Back" advocate
  • The use of a variety of media -  website updates, social media videos, email, and weekly educational webinars
  • A campaign logo gives consistency to the look and feel of all campaign elementsBite Back Tour Website Banner-1

We are so impressed with the creativity of this campaign and the use of technology to engage the community in a fun way! And we love how SGV Mosquito makes a sometimes complex subject easily digestible for their community.


We highly recommend checking out their website and Facebook page for inspiration.

Check it out > 


If your district is looking for better tools to engage your community, we'd love to help! Sign up for a quick chat with us, here!

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