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Special Districts Aren't Paper Pushers

Posted by Maria Lara | March 18, 2021

We speak with over 300 special district folks every month. 

And sometimes they surprise us. Like when we asked the big question of what you need the most help with, you said “payments”. 

It took some digging for us to figure out what exactly you were asking for. But we learned that by “payments” you mean things like:

  • Allowing customers to pay bills online; 
  • Collecting service, inspection, or permit fees from their website;
  • Selling merchandise, classes, and rental services; 
  • Enabling vendors and contractors to pay invoices; 
  • Collecting donations and payments for fundraisers;
  • Selling merchandise, classes, and services on your website;
  • Accepting payments from other districts and businesses.

This fits a larger trend we’ve been seeing for years. Districts want back office operations to be simple and self-service. A single staff member should be able to manage accepting payments, updating the website, and sending the newsletter, often all in the same day. Without special training. Without having to hire a specialist.

We’ve asked hundreds of districts why they do what they do. And I bet if we asked you, it might include a special passion for helping your community.

Or, it could be that you love the camaraderie that comes from working with like-minded people.

Or, just maybe, you get fulfillment from doing something that really matters.

Regardless of why you do what you do, I can guarantee that a desire to be a paper pusher isn’t on the list.

So, rest assured, we've worked really hard to finish Streamline Payments. And it was built specifically for special districts, but really it’s for you.



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