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The Benefits of Online Payments For Districts

Posted by Maria Lara | April 6, 2021

Over the last few weeks we've received valuable feedback from the Special District community on how you would like to use online payments. We've also dug into what districts feel will be the primary benefits of moving to online payments.

We're finding the benefits fall into five categories.

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#1 Lower Administrative Costs

Keeping administrative costs in check is vital for districts. The payment of fees, donations, etc. with physical checks creates a significant back-office burden. Receiving payment in this way means you have to interact with each customer to receive the payment, take the time to process it, and then get it to the bank to deposit. This can create a strain on resources. 


#2 Easier for Customers

As we all know, paying for something with a few clicks is a lot easier than going through the process of writing a check.  Plus, you can do it from anywhere. After all, happier customers are...happier customers!


#3 More Timely Payment

When you make it easy to make a payment, people are more likely to pay on time. As our eCommerce friends over at Amazon have figured out, by removing barriers the process to make a payment can become almost seamless. 


#4 More Purchases

When you are selling services like classes, rentals, or making a donation the public is more likely to complete the payment if it's all done in one sitting. As soon as a person walks away to do something else the chances they will return to complete the payment drops considerably.


#5 Simplified Accounting

Nothing beats a single electronic record for keeping organized. This also decreases the chances of a mistake being made. Keep it simple!


We love hearing from you all so we can learn more about how you accept payments. Please keep the feedback coming!


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