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6.5 Million Visits to Special District Websites Powered By Streamline

Posted by Annelise Spargo | June 17, 2021

Our community of special districts just passed 6.5 million monthly visits to their Streamline-powered websites in May!

Congratulations to all the website masters - general managers, administrators, office managers and board members - who clearly understand the importance of engaging their communities. Your sites may be powered by Streamline, but they were built by you! And we think thats pretty amazing.

As we all know, connecting with your community starts with your website - your gateway to sharing the great work your district does day in and day out.

The services you perform, the newsletters you write, and the social media posts you craft, are all supported by your website. 

Your website is your foundation, but all the pieces work together, which defines the Streamline mission. To provide you with affordable, easy-to-use tools to make your district efficient and successful. 


See Streamline in action


Why are website visits so important? 

Educating the public about the important work your district does is vital for a number of reasons.

The obvious might be that when it comes time to attempt to pass a rate increase or get a special levy approved by voters, it’s unlikely that you’ll be successful if they don’t already have a connection with you.

The less obvious is the fact that a large number of people who benefit from your services likely think those services are being provided by the city or county in which they live!

In addition, if your district has an active online presence, things like recruiting talent, drawing crowds to events, deterring people from areas with active construction projects, and other activities become much easier.

We need to work together to actively educate the public about the important services special districts provide in our communities! 

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