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Special districts: let’s be amazing, together

Posted by Sloane Dell'Orto | August 3, 2020

Streamline is the only company in the world building online tools just for special districts. Why is that?

Districts are local

The founders of Streamline have always felt that defending special districts and helping them do what they do best is our noble calling. As the most local form of government in the United States, special districts are uniquely positioned to be responsive to the citizens they serve. The challenges they solve are more clear, their overhead is lower, and services can be provided in an efficient and effective manner. We recognize special districts often feel pressure to justify budgets as well as their autonomy. We feel it’s our duty to help districts become stronger, and to tell their story. Everyone needs to know about the important work special districts do every day.

Districts are underserved

Special districts are under immense pressure - whether it’s budgets, consolidation, or press about a few bad actors - districts consistently have to prove their worth. Ironically, the more effective you are, the less important you may seem to be. (“Why do we need mosquito abatement? We don’t have any mosquitoes here!”)

Special districts are also uniquely positioned to be nimble and responsive. But because most special districts don’t have large budgets like counties and cities often do, most companies don’t focus on them - instead, they build software for larger entities. This leads to bloated software that is unnecessarily expensive and loaded with complex features special districts just don’t need.

Enter Streamline

image (1)Founded in 2015, we now serve over 1,000 local government entities across the U.S. To ensure we’re building the right tools, everything we make is created in partnership with our districts.

Streamline Web is a state-specific, fully accessible, public-facing website system that allows districts to manage their own content and publish agendas with ease.

Streamline Portal is the special district intranet, allowing staff and board members to collaborate remotely in a private space.

Streamline Engage allows users to email content from either Web or Portal to their email lists with one click. Everything we build is amazingly affordable, with low monthly subscriptions based upon operating revenue, no set up fees, unlimited hosting and support, and free customized demo sites to play with. We’ve done everything possible to make it risk-free to get to know us.

About those founders

Sloane Dell’Orto and Mac Clemmens are the perfect blend of down-to-earth district knowledge and business savvy. Sloane is a passionate advocate for special districts; as a former firefighter for a special district disillusioned by onerous regulatory requirements, her mission is to ease the burden of online compliance. Mac is fascinated with the intersection of technology and empowerment, and is dedicated to helping special districts connect with their communities.

And, we’re not just software!

image (3)As the leader in the special district space, Streamline provides many educational and collaborative resources for free. From compliance tools to online forums just for district folks, we are constantly searching for ways to help serve this community.

Our blog is full of helpful resources on subjects like disaster planning, marketing, and more. We regularly provide talks and webinars on topics of interest to special districts - like how to hold remote public meetings and how to tell your district’s story.

Let’s connect!

We help districts every day - some are paying customers, many are not. How can we help you? Reach out >

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