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A Free Collection of GIF's for Special District Websites

Posted by Annelise Spargo | November 5, 2021

It's essential for our special district websites to capture the attention of constituents. Motion is an effective way to do this. And while video can be time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes clumsy for amateurs, fortunately, Gifs are an easy way to incorporate motion into your site.

That's why we started a collection of Gifs just for special districts you can download and use on your own website. We will of course make these all available in Streamline so you can just add them with a click. We also stored all the Gifs on a site called Giphy, so you can follow the red buttons below and just right-click and "save" to get them. 

> View All Special District Gifs

Many Gifs can be used for multiple district types, but below we highlight a favorite for each district. Enjoy, and please let us know what you think!


Port Districts

Leverage the striking, subtle motion of your ships.  

Port District Gifs


Fire Districts

Communicate the intensity of the work you do.

Fire District Gifs


Airport Districts

Capture audience attention using the poetry of flight.

Airport District Gifs


Library Districts

Intrigue your audience with the simple turn of a page.

Library District Gifs


Irrigation Districts

The movement of water is irresistible.

Irrigation District Gifs


Cemetery Districts

Slow motion reflects the seriousness of your mission.

Cemetery District Gifs


Transportation Districts

The flow of traffic is actually quite calming.

Transportation District Gifs


Sewer Districts

Show your audience a new perspective on something they see everyday.

Sewer District Gifs


Park & Recreation Districts

The fun of motion is always a crowd pleaser.

Park & Rec District Gifs


Transit Districts

The efficient motion of a bus.

Transit District Gifs


Waste Water Treatment Districts

 A healthy environment reflects your mission.

Waste Water Treatment District Gifs



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