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On-demand webinar: California website posting requirements (Senate Bill 929)

All California independent special districts are required to maintain a website by January 2020, and AB 2257 recently changed the way agendas must be posted on those websites.

In our On-Demand  free webinar, you will learn about posting requirements, agenda formatting changes, and how to create a Section 508 / ADA accessible website.

In addition you will be provided checklists and guidelines that will help with compliance, regardless of the platform used.

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Webinar resources

Testing tools for Section 508 compliance
  • - free – test for 508 compliance
  • - free – accessibility and overall site
  • - paid service (pricey!) – watches for accessibility issues, broken links, content guidelines, and more 

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You will definitely want to talk with Streamline. They have done a great job for the District over the last couple of years. I feel they were very instrumental in assisting our District maintaining our Transparency Certificate for the third straight time.– Robert Johnson, General Manager, Aromas Water District


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