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Get district websites in bulk!

Streamline Enterprise

Streamline now offers a specialized program for businesses such as law, accounting, real estate, investment, and consulting firms that work with special districts. 

If you are handling or representing multiple district websites, this program is for you! 

Bulk Rate

Save money through our Streamline Enterprise program. Not only will you have an easy-to-manage website, but you'll have built-in ADA compliance, a meetings dashboard, unlimited support, and a team of district experts. 

All set-up fees are waived, and discounted standard rate pricing is available. 

ADA Compliance

Don't sweat about ADA compliance, Streamline's built-in ADA assistant will automatically fix most issues, and our dedicated support team will help you fix anything else.

Our platform includes an ADA center, board reporting, auto-scanning, pdf remediation, compliance policies, indemnification, and more. 

Unlimited Support

Our US-based support team will migrate your old content to your new websites, build the websites for you (ensuring 100% ADA compliance), and be there every step of the way when you need a helping hand. We offer ticket, phone, email, and one on one support. We've got your back!


In the News

Check out the latest article from Streamline's ADA Attorney, Stuart Tubis, to learn about your ADA liability as a company or attorney that manages special district websites 

Why Streamline?

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Beta Program Discount Available

Help us build a specialized dashboard for enterprise businesses and receive discounted pricing!

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