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Streamline Live! - Quarantine Edition

Posted by Sloane Dell'Orto | April 30, 2020

We just finished up our second quarterly Streamline Live! webinar, where we announced some exciting new products and handed out quarantine-themed customer awards. We also held a mock public meeting (wearing ridiculous wigs, of course) to try and decide which remote meeting option was best for our imaginary district.

Watch the 30 minute recording here >

If you don’t have time to watch, here are the highlights (but you'll have to BYOB):

STRliveWe shared information about another upcoming webinar on how to manage a public meeting using Zoom Meetings - without the Webinar addition. You’ll be able to see the entire screen while I run through it … on a single 13” laptop. Super fun! 

Learn more or sign up at the top of our Comms During Crisis page > ... and as always, if you need a Streamliner on your practice meeting to help you figure this out, we’re here for you. 

We also unveiled two new products we are rolling out for our districts in the coming weeks:

Streamline Portal, our brand new intranet product just for special districts, is free to use at this time. Use Portal to collaborate with your team during the crisis (and beyond!), whether they are working remotely from home, or out in the field. If you’d like to learn more about Portal, schedule time with Maria.

Streamline Engage, an add-on for both Streamline Web and Streamline Portal, will be going into beta testing in the coming weeks with a few select customers, then will be available to everyone shortly after that. Engage allows you to email out any of your website or intranet content (think: agendas, pages, or full newsletters) to lists that you manage. You’ll also be able to allow people to sign up right on your site!

Best of all, we handed out awards to some of our districts who are doing amazing things with their websites. Truth is, all of our districts are doing amazing things with their websites, so we typically just go with the “most posted” type of awards - otherwise it would be impossible to choose! We've made a few exceptions this time, though. 

The winners for January - April are:

Best Overall COVID-19 Page (totally subjective, but still)
Orange County Mosquito & Vector Control District
Great public information, encourages the public to engage, fantastic video!

Most Amazing Overall COVID-19 Community Engagement Effort
Polk County Fire #1 - Signs Save Lives campaign (we didn't mention this during the webinar because there is more to come in a dedicated blog post next week - be sure to check back!)

Most Communicative During a Crisis (aka most emergency alerts posted)
Cambria Community Services District with 30 notifications issued
Runner up: Malaga County Water with 26

Most Determined During a Crisis (most meetings created)
Spalding Community Services District with 134 meetings created
Runner up: Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District with 126

Most Daring During a Crisis (most events created)
Bayshore Gardens Park & Recreation District with 89 events created
Runner up: Cambria Community Services District with 76

Most Revealing During a Crisis (most teasers added)
Chico Area Recreation & Park District with 288 teasers created
Runner up: Oregon Trail Library District with 149

Most Image-inary During a Crisis (most images added to pages)
Solano Mosquito Abatement District with 122 images added
Runner up: Fallbrook Healthcare District with 99

We're proud of every single one of our districts - you’re all doing great work and we can’t wait to hand out more awards next quarter. We’re already looking forward to our next episode of Streamline Live!

As always, thank you for what you do. The entire Streamline team appreciates you so much - take good care, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.




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