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SDLF and Streamline increase website scholarships for California special districts

Posted by Sloane Dell'Orto | February 26, 2020

CoinsThe Special District Leadership Foundation announced that it will be increasing the amount of their joint SDLF / Streamline scholarship pool for 2020. In the past, districts with annual operating revenues below $500,000 were able to utilize a scholarship to receive 15 months free services on the Streamline Web platform - as long as the district didn't already have a website. This year, the scholarship is also available to districts who have a website that isn't compliant with all of the California posting and formatting requirements (including being accessible to visitors with disabilities).

California Senate Bill 929, which went into effect in January 2020, requires all independent special districts to have a website, with few exemptions. If you'd like to learn more, schedule a quick chat with Maria Lara, our California Specialist, or call us at (916) 900-6619.

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