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Getting Started in 5 Easy Steps

Getting started with a new website can feel overwhelming. We promise to make it easy and hassle-free.

Here's what to expect when you choose Streamline for your district website. 

New Website Checklist

1. Get a 20-minute demo

We will walk you through how Streamline works, and give you a chance to try it out.

2. Activate your subscription

A quick signature to confirm your district information and you're ready for training!

3. 1-hour training

No experience necessary! Anyone on your team who will use the site can join, too.

4. Content migration

Streamline will bring over all of your content and domain from your old website and build your new website. This usually takes about 2 weeks.

5. Go live call!

Once your new site is all set up, we will meet with you to officially launch your new website! 


Your new Streamline site can be up and running in 2 weeks, with only 2-hours of your time needed. 


Ready to get started? 

If Streamline might be a good fit for your district, reach out! We can answer any questions you have about the product or pricing. 

What is included in the monthly website subscription?

  • Website hosting + content management

  • Email campaigning tools

  • Online payments tool

  • Compliance + posting checklist

  • ADA accessibility assistant

  • Unlimited training and support

To learn more about how a Streamline website works and what's included, visit our How it Works page! 


What people are saying about Streamline

"Cannon Beach Rural Fire Protection District has been part of the Streamline community since early 2017. I have been extremely pleased with the platform for the control we have gained, and the ease of updating content. The support received if we have a question is just an email or phone call away. I highly recommend this website tool for any local government agency interested in a powerful and flexible system to maintain an up-to-date website."

"The website is an invaluable tool to share information with our citizens. As the Fire Chief, it is good to know that I have full control over our website and the content on it. The District now has multiple staff members that can update whenever we need to. Adding agendas and keeping up with meetings is easy, and knowing our site is compliant with all state and federal online requirements gives us one less thing we need to worry about."

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