Streamline Portal

Save time + money with the Special District specific intranet.

A private, easy, and secure intranet software, Streamline Portal helps Special Districts manage internal operations.

Simple + Secure. Risk-free.  Affordable.



What you need to know about Streamline Portal


Group 4008Password protected access from anywhere
Group 4009 Flexible forms + project management
Group 4010Unlimited file storage
Group 4007No additional training required
Group 4006 Completely customizable
Group 4004 (1)Streamline Engage included on all Portal sites

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You definitely want to talk with Streamline. They have done a great job for the District over the last couple of years. I feel they were very instrumental in assisting our District maintaining our Transparency Certificate for the third straight time.


Robert Johnson, General Manager, Aromas Water District

The website is an invaluable tool to share information with our citizens. The District now has multiple staff members that can update anytime, and adding agendas and keeping up with meetings is easy. Knowing our site is compliant with all state and federal online requirements gives us one less thing to worry about.


Brian Helmick, Fire Chief, East Contra Costa Fire Protection

Now that we have Streamline, I can’t imagine having gone with anyone else - it's so easy to use! Streamline stays on top of state mandates, and since their website tool was built just for special districts, there are compliance guidelines built right into the site.


Noëlle Denke, Public Affairs, Fallbrook Public Utility District

I have been extremely pleased with the platform for the control we have gained, and the ease of updating content. If we have a question, support is an email or phone call away. I highly recommend this website tool for any local government agency interested in a powerful and flexible system to maintain an up-to-date website.


Matthew Benedict, Fire Chief, Cannon Beach Rural Fire Protection District