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Beyond Website Basics

Ready to look like a website pro? This webinar is based on our recent talk at the CSDA Annual Conference and is applicable to anyone with a website, regardless of the platform you use. We’ll share some easy-to-use resources and guidelines to improve your district’s website, including: 

  • free professional photography and icon resources;
  • tools for converting Word files to PDFs and scanned PDFs to text files for searchability (necessary for compliance with new state mandates);
  • testing tools that help ensure you're compliant with federal guidelines for visitors with disabilities;
  • tracking tools like Google Analytics to help you understand which pages are most popular on your site and what your users are really looking for;
  • content guidelines for search engine optimization to help your district rank well for subjects important to you;
  • and engagement tools for email, voting, and polling to help you learn what matters to your constituents.

This will be a general overview of many tools so we'll make sure to make time for questions. We'll also provide a handout to registrants with all the resources we showcase in our talk, so be sure to register today!

We hope you'll join us Tuesday, November 7, 10:00am – 11:00am.