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CA SB 272 Enterprise System Catalog Webinar

Hopefully, you’re aware of the addition to the Public Records Act (PRA) that requires all local government agencies to publish a catalog of “enterprise systems” by July 1 of last year.  With any luck, you’ve already taken care of this, and are ready to update your catalog, which needs to be done annually. If you haven’t created the catalog yet, we have a free tool that can help. 

SB 272 (Hertzberg) added a new mandate to the PRA which requires every local government agency (except educational agencies) in California to inventory all software systems the agency uses to determine which need to be included in their published Enterprise System Catalog. Once that is done, the catalog itself has to be created, listing all systems that aren’t exempt—then a link to the Catalog needs to be added to the agency’s website. Lastly, the Catalog needs to be updated annually. 

It’s important to note that every single local government agency (cities, counties, special districts) needs to comply with this requirement. There is no exemption for size or budget. There is no exemption for agencies with no enterprise systems or software. 

The bill text is pretty confusing, so we worked with CSDA, CSAC, and the attorneys who vetted the language to create a free, easy-to-use tool that will help you comply. On this webinar we'll walk through the tool and answer any questions you have about compliance.