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Streamline is partnered with FASD to ensure Florida districts have access to tools and resources for online compliance, communication, and collaboration. 


Webinar: Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

Recorded on Thursday, September 22 

Is your district's website accessible to all visitors, including the 15% of the population with a disability? Just as buildings must have wheelchair ramps, websites must have special provisions for users with disabilities.

Attendees will leave the ability to check their website accessibility score, and tools and strategies to begin or continue, their journey to a higher level of website accessibility.


Webinar Recording



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Accessibility scanning tools

  • Lighthouse (free web version)
  • Lighthouse - testing tool in the Google Chrome browser (free)
  • - web based testing tool (free)
  • Userway - used in legal community (paid)
  • CommonLook - remediation services and tools (paid)
  • Monsido - online automated testing service (paid)
  • ADA Site Compliance - testing and remediation company (paid)
  • Level Access - testing company (paid, more expensive/comprehensive)

Other accessibility tools



Streamline Announces New Accessibility Dashboard

The digital landscape for special districts has changed dramatically over the past few years. With new laws mandating everything from mandating websites to ADA compliance, they have had to up their digital game within lean budgets.


New ADA tools to protect districts 

Faced with increasing pressure to be ADA compliant, FASD members will have access to a new accessibility scanning tool through Streamline, to scan their website and publish a report on the new compliance page. This first-of-its-kind integrated tool takes care of publishing a website accessibility plan, compliance policy, requests for accommodation, annual platform testing by users with various disabilities, and monthly sitewide scans with public remediation reports.

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Streamline’s new ADA accessibility dashboard will be available for FASD members


Streamline’s commitment to developing accessible websites dates back to 2018, when it won the “Access Award” from Disability Rights California—the nation’s largest disability rights organization. It was presented at the California Capitol to Streamline CEO Mac Clemmens by Jeffrey Thom, a Stanford-trained attorney and long-time champion of disability rights. While presenting the award, Jeffrey, who is blind, challenged the audience: “Consider how frustrated you would be if you went to your favorite website and you got just a blank screen with nothing on it,” he said. “This is the reality for many users with disabilities.”

“Just as special districts are stronger together, so too are the organizations that empower them.”
- Mac Clemmens, CEO of Streamline

Looking for website help? We've got your back. 

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Member districts interested in learning more about Streamline and leveraging FASD exclusive member discount can contact the Streamline team to learn more here.



FASD Quarterly Meeting

October 20 / Fort Lauderdale



Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

September 22 | 2:00 PM (EST)


Customer Events 

Streamline Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Content

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Streamline Pricing for FASD Members

Streamline's subscriptions are all month-to-month, with no long-term commitment or contracts.

Annual Operating Revenue Monthly price for FASD members  Monthly price for non-members
0 - $15K $10 $20
$15 - $50K $25 $50
$50 - $250K $50 $75
$250 - $500K $75 $100
$500K - $1M $100 $150
$1 - $5M $200 $300
$5 - 10M $300 $450
$10 - $20M $400 $600
$20M + $550 $825

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