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Website bootcamp module 4: Writing for the web

Posted by Sloane Dell'Orto | January 23, 2019

This module will provide a lot of practical advice on how to write effective content for your website. As our online attention spans get shorter, being able to write in a way that people will pay attention to becomes even more important. This is particularly important for special districts, who often use their websites to convey critical information to their constituents. This content is a briefer version of the full talk we give at various special district association conferences.

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Posts in this series: 

1. Why it matters  -  2. Images - 3. Video - 4. Writing for the Web - 5. Making content "findable"
6. Social media - 7. Section 508 accessibility - 8. Tracking with Google Analytics 


Topics: Website best practices

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Explore: Our easy-to-use website platform

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