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Special districts: let’s be amazing, together

on August 3, 2020 By | Sloane Dell'Orto | 0 Comments | Streamline Stories
Streamline is the only company in the world building online tools just for special districts. Why is that?
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Tech Tips (for the not-so-tech-savvy)

on May 28, 2020 By | Chris Ryan | 0 Comments | Streamline Stories
Learning technology can be such a long and dedicated process that it’s easy to assume everyone has the same knowledge you do. Things that a lot of techy folks think are basic might in fact be known by only a lucky few. From things like shortcuts that make browsing the internet easier, to how to select and manipulate large amounts of files at once, to “hidden” computing features like copy/paste. These tricks and tips aren’t obvious, but are really helpful for technology users to know.
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Streamline Live! - Quarantine Edition

on April 30, 2020 By | Sloane Dell'Orto | 0 Comments | Streamline Stories
We just finished up our second quarterly Streamline Live! webinar, where we announced some exciting new products and handed out quarantine-themed customer awards. We also held a mock public meeting (wearing ridiculous wigs, of course) to try and decide which remote meeting option was best for our imaginary district.
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