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Website bootcamp module 2: A picture is worth a thousand words

on January 9, 2019 By | Sloane Dell'Orto | 0 Comments | Best practices
This module introduces a lot of great information about website imagery: where to find fantastic stock photography and icons for free, how to use Google image search to find images you can reuse without copyright issues, when to use images vs. icons, and more. We also touch on the importance of making sure your images are tagged properly for accessibility. Lastly, we cover the reason you shouldn't use graphical images of text (like flyers) - at least, not unless you also add the content as text, too.
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Website bootcamp module 1: Why special districts need a great website

on January 2, 2019 By | Sloane Dell'Orto | 0 Comments | Best practices
Websites matter, and in this module we spend some time explaining why they are even more important for special districts than for many other organizations. Special districts are doing important work, and a website can help you educate and connect with your communities - and it can also make sure that your voice is part of the conversation if any controversy arises, a rate increase is needed, etc. We also provide an overview of what each upcoming module will cover.
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Website accessibility standards for local government

There are a few formatting requirements that apply to local government agencies in California: Section 508 (for visitors with disabilities); AB 169 guidelines for anything considered “open data;” and AB 2257, which governs formatting and posting requirements for any agency’s main governing body’s agenda. In this article we’ll touch on the first two; to learn more about AB 2257 and home page agenda posting, check out this related article.  
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The 5 things your website should do for you (a manifesto)

on February 1, 2016 By | Sloane Dell'Orto | 0 Comments | Best practices
A lifetime of involvement in special districts and a love for small local government has given me an understanding of just how challenging it can be for agencies to communicate online. However, instead of focusing on how hard it is, I’d like to look at five non-negotiable things your site should do for you. Just because it's been hard in the past doesn't mean it has to be hard now. We're here to make sure of that. 
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