Streamline web not affected by California Attorney General opinion

Streamline web clients not only enjoy full support, but also 99.9% uptime on their hosting. So this issue doesn't affect our clients much, but we're still in full support of the outcome and appreciative of CSDA for standing for common sense in this area.

The Attorney General (“AG”) issued an opinion related to the Brown Act requirement that local agencies must post meeting agendas on their websites. The AG concluded that minor technical difficulties preventing the agenda from being accessible on the website would not ordinarily prevent an agency from holding a meeting so long as the agency was otherwise in “substantial compliance” with the agenda posting requirements. 

State law requires that a local agency, “[a]t least 72 hours before a regular meeting,” post the meeting agenda “on the local agency’s Internet Web site, if the local agency has one.” What this statute does not directly address is what should happen if the agency’s website experiences a technical issue temporarily preventing the agenda from being available on the local agency’s website. 

Read the CSDA article for more information, or see the full opinion.